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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I tried some of my homebrews tonight. Pour 1 and 3 is the Special Bitter. It is a good session beer. And taste really good. I look forward to it developing in to a more fizzy drink. When I brew this again I hope to add more priming sugar to give it more bubble and more head, if possible. Pour 2 is the Wee heavy and it is developing into a nice caramel sipping beer. Wow. If he flavors develop as I hop the burnt caramel flavors will intensify leaving the ripe B-A-N-A-NN-A flavors behind. That would be great.

I am also considering going all grain. Don Osborn has a great page on how to convert an ice cooler into a mash/lauter tun and a nice diary of how he did his all grain beer. I saw this and thought, "I can do this; and save money, too."


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