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Friday, February 03, 2006

English IPA

Brewed an English IPA tonight. I utilized a new method and recycled my yeast from the Hoppy Amber after I transfered it. After I racked the Hoppy Amber I quickly dumped a new wort onto the Amber's yeast cake. (It's already bubbling. I also added a yeast nutrient, not servo.)

I used some very cool hop combinations; 1 cup of Amarillos at 60, 1 cup each of Amarillos and Northern Brewer at 15 and 1 cup of Willamettes at 5. I'll be sure and dryhop this with cascades if I can get my hand on them. The original gravity was 1.064. If the gravity gets down to 1.010 I'll have a 7.13 ABV beer.


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