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Friday, February 10, 2006

Pitched Dry Yeast on the Bastard

In the nearest fermenting bucket is the both transfered and repitched new yeast in this beer. The story is that the gravity stalled out at about 1.022. I transfered it and got it off its yeast cake (trub - pronounced troob) and repitched US-56 by Fermentis dry yeast. With the yeast cake I poored about 24 oz of cooled boiled water over it, swirled the bucket and then poored those into four washed and sanitized (via Star San solution) glass jars; each has about 1.5 cups of slurry in each jar. I am hoping to re-use this yeast slurry (WLP-001/California Ale). Further, I hope to get the gravity of the Bastard ale down to about 1.010 or the mid teens would be great.


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