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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brewed my "Belgian History X" 4/22

11.5# MO
.75# Crystal 40
.5# Aromatic Malt
1oz N. Brewer (60)
1oz Fuggle(30/15)
T-58 yeast/OG 1.062

The only thing that makes this brew a Belgian is the "Belgian" yeast strain that I used. We'll see how it turns out.

Brewed a Brown Ale (4/8)

6# MO
4# Pale Malt
1# Crystal 60
.5# Chocolate Malt
1oz N. Brewer (60)
1oz Willamette (30)
1oz Willamette (15)
S-04 yeast/OG 1.051/FG 1.018

This turned out to be a very good beer. I kegged it on 4/19.

This is a very tasty beer. I made some carbonator (for carbonation) caps to free up some kegs. In the carb'd two liter is the remnants of the milk stout I brewed in February. I have 4 two liter bottles.

Another Pale Ale (brewed 4/1)

12# MO
12oz Crystal 60
8oz Carapils
8oz Oats
1oz Willamette (FWH)
1oz N. Brewer (60)
1oz Amarillo (30)
1oz Amarillo (15)
1tsp IrishMoss
S-04 yeast/OG 1.058

Again, I mashed at a temp that is way too high, 160F. This beer is in secondary right now. I added racked this beer only to find the gravity at 1.028. I added dry champagne yeast in hopes of getting the gravity down some. I'll have to keg this beer for sure if the gravity fails to come down some more.

Mash Temps: Too High

I mashed the Stout at about 160F, the ideal is 150 or so. This means that I converted the fermentable sugars into dextrins, unfermantable sugars. The stout fermented out to a whopping FG of 1.028. I kegged it on 3/24/06 and we'll just call this the "Uber Sweet Stout." It has a slight tobacco of burnt off flavor to it, we'll let it age a bit and see how it comes out. Nonetheless, it is still a very drinkable beer.