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Friday, March 24, 2006

Brewed a stout/porter (AG)

Still not sure what distinguishes a stout from a porter, I am sure there are differences. Here is what I brewed and maybe someone will chime in with an answer of what type of beer this might be.

10# Maris Otter base malt
1# Belgian Carapils
1# Crystal 60
1# Roasted Barley
.5# Chocolate malt (has nothing to do with the cocoa bean)
.5# Oatmeal (Instant)
.5 oz Willamette (FWH)
.5 oz N. Brewer (FWH)
1 oz N. Brewer (40 minutes)
2 oz EKG (20)

I batched sparged with 7 gallons strike water (about 180F witha a grain bed temp of 160) and about 3 gallons of sparge water. I had a 7 gallon boil. The strike water and grain bed was a little high but I figured so the ABV will be low but with a richer body. I also was more reserved with the amount of sparge water so I didn't have left over wort.

I used English (WLP002) slurry and a packet of S04 yeasts strains. The sg wast 1.052. I hope this to be a good brew.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Brewed an Ordinary Bitter (3/18)

As a departure from all the pale ales I have been brewing, I decided to make an English style session bitter.

8# English Pale Malt
8 oz Oatmeal (for tecture)
"" Carapils
"" Crystal 120
1 oz EKG (FWH)
1 oz EKG (60)
1 oz Fuggles (30)

The starting gravity for this brew was 1.040 at 78F (corrected is about 1.042), currently fermenting in the big glass carboy.

Bottled the Hoppy IPA (3/14)

I realize that I brewed a bunch of IPA's recently. I really enjoy a good hoppy brew. The hoppy IPA was inspired by HBA's JPA. It is more of a 60 minute IPA where hops are added every 10 minutes of the 60 minute boil. The final gravity was 1.012.

The yeild was on the low side with 36-12 oz bottles and 7-16 oz Grolsch type flip cap bottles. I do love those flip cap bottles.

Amarillo IPA (3/16): Kegged

The Amarillo IPA taste great and is now in the keg. I put in the keg and set the regulator at 20 psi or so for two days. Then I lowered the PSI to 15 psi.

2/28 Brewed another IPA (AG)

I brewed another IPA on 2/28.

Recipe was:
12# 2Row
10 oz Carapils
4 oz Aromatic
6 oz Crystal 120
2.5 oz of Amarillo (60)
2 oz of N. Brewer (30)
1 oz of Cascades (FWH)

Starting gravity was 1.052. I racked this beer on 3/14 (gravity at transfer was 1.012). I noticed that the airlock was almost dry. Not quite sure how this happened. Upon racking I tasted the beer and it tasted fine. I might note that this might not be my best IPA. Hopefully the 4.5 oz of hops and the alcohol in the beer killed off whatever airborne microbes to which the beer was exposed.

As you can see to the right the IPA is on the bitter side, somewhere between fruity and malty.