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Friday, March 24, 2006

Brewed a stout/porter (AG)

Still not sure what distinguishes a stout from a porter, I am sure there are differences. Here is what I brewed and maybe someone will chime in with an answer of what type of beer this might be.

10# Maris Otter base malt
1# Belgian Carapils
1# Crystal 60
1# Roasted Barley
.5# Chocolate malt (has nothing to do with the cocoa bean)
.5# Oatmeal (Instant)
.5 oz Willamette (FWH)
.5 oz N. Brewer (FWH)
1 oz N. Brewer (40 minutes)
2 oz EKG (20)

I batched sparged with 7 gallons strike water (about 180F witha a grain bed temp of 160) and about 3 gallons of sparge water. I had a 7 gallon boil. The strike water and grain bed was a little high but I figured so the ABV will be low but with a richer body. I also was more reserved with the amount of sparge water so I didn't have left over wort.

I used English (WLP002) slurry and a packet of S04 yeasts strains. The sg wast 1.052. I hope this to be a good brew.


Blogger passlaku said...

Today, Stouts and Porters tend to get lumped together as a category, but in reality there are differences between the two styles. Unfortunately, a lot of brewers don’t seem to know the difference and some beers that are called Stouts are really Porters and vice versa. Stouts should get their bitterness and darkness through the use of roasted malt and barley, whereas Porters should be more obviously hopped with their darkness coming from black malt.

from Campaign for Real Ale website

7:37 AM  

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