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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brewed an all Amarillo Pale Ale, AG

I brewed my first IPA all grain beer. That is, I turned cracked seeds (grain) into a uber-sweet wort that is now sitting in a fermenter bubbling away. The ingredients were:

12 # 2 row pale malt
8 oz CaraPils
12 oz of Crystal 60

1 oz Amarillo (first wort hop)
2 oz " " (60 minutes)
1 oz (30)
1 oz (15)

The picture shows the mash-tun. Where the hot water is introduced to the grain so that the grain will release it sweet goodness. I batched sparged got a little bit less than 2 gallons on the first running (water at 165F and the bed was at 156F for 1 hour). I then sparged, rinsed the grains of the rest of their sugars, with 172F water (bed stayed at 156F) and ended up with 6 gallons of wort. After pouring the hot water on the grain bed (sparging) I mixed it really well, waited 10 minutes, then proceeded to drain the mash-tun (the cooler).

I took many cues from instructions posted on the web.

The OG was 1.050 (at 100F) the corrected gravity is 1.056. I didn't check the gravity before the boil, so I am not sure I know my efficiency. From what I am told, batch sparging is pretty inefficient.

I used S-04 dry yeast, first time using dry yeast, and some WhiteLabs yeast nutrient. It is supposed to be like the whitelabs' english ale yeast.

It takes a bit more time but the getting the wort out is so rewarding.


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