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Friday, February 10, 2006

Hoppy Amber bottled 2/10

I bottled the "HopBomb Jambalaya" brew and found that the pre bottled sample I drank tasted great. I realize now, after corresponding with SHTZ folks and reading Palmer's chapter on hops that my hop schedule made no sense but over all, I was lucky - this might be a pretty good bitter beer. The yeild were the cases of Paulaner and Victory (the guy at the liquor store set me up with his nicest boxes once I told him I needed them for homebrew), plus a 4 pack which I put in my brew closet/pantry.

The golden carboy is the 5 gal carboy that contained the "HopBomb Jambalaya;" dryhopped with Fuggles. After cleaning and scrubbing it out with my carboy brush I filled it with an Iodophor sollution.


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