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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Brewed a hoppy IPA (2/14)

Maybe calling this the Valentine IPA wouldn't be such a bad idea. It had:

4# of light DME
3# Wheat DME
12 oz CaraVienna
4 oz. CaraMunich

N. Brewer served as the bittering hops (60 minutes)
Then I added a combination of Amarillo, Cascae, and Willamette every 10 minutes.

I pitched it onto the yeast cake of the English Yeast from the IPA. Didn't get as good of results this time and I don't think I'll try that again. I hear you can get a bunch of off flavors from doing that.

Finally I took a big step and am now a hardCore hobbyist. I have a 3 keg system with 5# cylinder. I force carb'd the Beligerent SOB (a Stone Brew clone). I haven't quite figured out the logistics of force carbing but as one CBMer told me, "It's not rocket surgery." That made me laugh.


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