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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2/28 Brewed another IPA (AG)

I brewed another IPA on 2/28.

Recipe was:
12# 2Row
10 oz Carapils
4 oz Aromatic
6 oz Crystal 120
2.5 oz of Amarillo (60)
2 oz of N. Brewer (30)
1 oz of Cascades (FWH)

Starting gravity was 1.052. I racked this beer on 3/14 (gravity at transfer was 1.012). I noticed that the airlock was almost dry. Not quite sure how this happened. Upon racking I tasted the beer and it tasted fine. I might note that this might not be my best IPA. Hopefully the 4.5 oz of hops and the alcohol in the beer killed off whatever airborne microbes to which the beer was exposed.

As you can see to the right the IPA is on the bitter side, somewhere between fruity and malty.


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