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Friday, May 26, 2006

Two More Beers, a label, and a name for the Brewery

I have brewed two beers and bottled the Belgian - T (after the T58 yeast used). First I brewed a version of the brewboard's summer community beer. I kegged this one already and am not too satisfied with it. Second, I also mashed and feremented 11.6# of assorted grains. This has since been bottled and it has a strong taste of tobacco. Maybe it'll be the tobacco beer. That is the last time I volunteer to save grains from the trashcan. I look forward to brewing beers I like (APAs, IPAs, browns, and the occasional stout/porter) and am less likely to experiment any more than I have to.

Above is the draft of a label. While it is currently called Malcolm's Sweet Pale Ale, I am thinking of dropping some Beano tablets in the keg to break down the complex sugars and then changing the name to the more appealling Malcolm's Pale Ale.


Blogger passlaku said...

Malcolm says, "MMM MMMM good!"

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